How students work

On my way to the mall one day, I noticed a woman that seemed to be in her late 50′s. Her cotton white hair was neatly groomed and her clothes were simple but clean. Sitting cordially near her there was a carry on luggage, one small tote, and two smaller bags. The oddly placed woman was holding a sign out for all street traffic to see, “Hungry! Will Work For Food.” I kept doing double takes as I was waiting for the light to change. ¿Como es possible? This woman was not the usual homeless person one encounters while driving through town. She looked like una vecina; a typical older neighbor that loves to bake cookies and work in her garden in the mornings.

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Designers today face two fundamental challenges

Currently I am contemplating how I can be help to others in the area of ‘Spring Cleaning’. The best thing I can do is share my transparency while walking through this process. My house was once a MESS, I was also a mess; totally frustrated with many dreams and fulfilling goals While my house was virtually inhabitable… I only showed the public my good side.  Although the ‘pure and clean’ me I present to others outside of those closest to me, the fact came to haunt me when  one day confronted by my Hubby and kids. I had to take authority. I wanted to be authentic inside and out.

Here’s the timeline of my journey that was written back in 2008. I will conclude at the end of the article with where I am today.

2008-– I have been working on this De-clutter strategy. I feel as though it will open more doors for me in 2009… or at least my mind will not be cluttered with all the unfinished, procrastinated, convoluted things that I did not finish in 2008. Suggestions anyone?

1) Concentrated on one room at a time. With the Kitchen for example,  I got rid of all Tupperware with no lids, trashed all warped plastic or damaged plastic items, thoroughly cleaned the refrigerator of food not recently eaten,  trashed all expired salad dressings, condiments,  and  misc. stuff, cleaned pantry, organized pots, and cabinets.  I then totally dumped the junk drawer (of which we all have one). Continue reading “Designers today face two fundamental challenges”