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A Day in the Life of Marc F., General manager of a business unit of a global consumer goods company; Paris, France.

MBA General Management

What I Do

I am responsible for operating our business in Europe. I have overall responsibility for the profit and loss in the European market and performance going forward. I interact directly with our manufacturing units on a regular basis, but I do not have production responsibility.

I oversee all brand strategies and marketing within Western Europe by linking into our global brand teams and making these strategies work in my market.

Our brands have the particulars associated with a restrictive legal situation (alcoholic beverages). Twelve people mostly report directly to me, and I manage an outside sales force.

I oversee sales in my country, with a regional structure of people responsible for their specific territories. I also have a finance director and a small project finance team here, which is slim support, but I can ask for more resources from our global finance team as needed.

What I Enjoy Most